Crop production

We choose the crops in line with the climate of the areas, to maximize the yield. The Agropoint Ltd. mostly cultivating grains (field corn, winter wheat, winter barley, oat), sunflower, alfalfa and plants suitable for intensive gardening like sweet corn, green peas, oil squash and pumpkin. 

The Agropoint Ltd. is committed to a sustainable economy. We protect the natural nutrition of the soil by recirculating the organic substances into the system as we can, and also taking care of the moisture content, watering and the professional cultivation of it. To improve the environmental and biological potential's usability, we are adapting the land use into natural endowments.

Plant growing is exposed to weather conditions and difficulties caused by the climate change, so we are planning to establish irrigation systems to overcome these problems.



Gáspár Gyula
Managing director

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Hunyadi János u. 10
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